Nine Skulls

Loose ends

1) Demonic incursion at the Barons keep. Endless war spilling into the material plane.

2) Beldor is preparing to fight the demon lord. (possibly tied into gate at Barons keep)

3) Group has agreed to speak to Malgma for Ignius.

4) Group has to decide if they will sign the agreement with the sisters before the fall festival.

5) Duke and Duchess visiting Featherstone for fall festival. (2 months)

6) Wayrith the bandit lord is missing. Group only finds an empty wagon after Rill takes over.

7) The Baron has offered Kosef title and land around Breda if he will take back the city.

8) Ursula Dreamglitter through Sundercrags council has offered the group a job.

9) Brewing conflict between Nineskulls and the Elven and Beast kingdoms.

10) The Pashas daughter still seeks to put and end to Krios and anyone close to him.

11) Mordecai has been banished from Dragon fall by the Baron.

12) The commander of the fort has asked the group to speak with the Fey that have been harrying his men and the loggers.

13.) Sundercrag college of magic supplies wagon.


Two of these involve the fall festival.. How long until then?

Loose ends

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Loose ends
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