Nine Skulls

Treachery at Grayclaw Keep


After dispatching the foul demonic mimic impersonating the Baron the group interrogated the assassin sent by the Sleepless Knights. Speaking to leader of the order through the amulet a deal was struck and the mans life was ended due to secrets he held and his failure. The Sleepless Knights have taken their eye off the party as a target for elimination to maintain the order.

The group made for the Barons keep in hast and found a chilly reception. Deragor went out of his way to provoke Jescain. Tired of the banter Lia cast a hold spell on the young noble and his his guardian. The room erupted into chaos as the nobles guards prepared to attack. One of the guests revealed a demonic secret and a wall of force blocked half of the party outside of the hall. Mordecai bound Deragor as everyones attention turned to the creature and another hidden demon attacked nearly killing Lia. As the battle raged one of the demons attacked Hildago nearly killing the cleric outright before he was saved by a healing word from Garret. Bellithex was felled on the table and Kosef set upon the demon striking fear into its black heart…


Great adventure log!

Treachery at Grayclaw Keep
Vepr Vepr

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