Nine Skulls

Taint of they Abyss at Grayclaw castle

Fiends are deadly foes

The illusion the fiends were hiding behind disappeared exposing a snake bodied demoness wielding 6 cruel blades and an enormous wolf headed demon with 4 arms, two of which ended in enormous and deadly pincers. One of the creatures smaller arms wielded a possessed demonic blade that seemed to have a life of its own. The wall of force disappeared and the demoness seemed to take on a new level of frenzy as some spell hastened her movement and attacks. Krios convinced Justicar to go after the demons instead of trying to end Deragor. After Kosef drove the deadly multi armed snake bodied demon from the room after it nearly killed Lia and Hildalgo he disarmed the blade from the huge red demon as it continued to go batter Mordecai taking him to the edge of death twice. A new foe revealed herself and attacked from the shadows. A monk from the Hand of Discord set upon Dezirae sending her reeling under hammering blows. The soldiers in room continued to batter at the huge fiend doing what they could with common weapons. Krios lifted his voice on high and brought forth a battle song that made the weapons of all involved glow. Garrett made for the foul caster on the balcony above that had escaped detection before. A devastating blast of cold spread across the room from the balcony dropping Mordecai and killing over half a dozen unfortunate soldiers caught in its frigid blast. Garret finally made it to the demonic caster and engaged the creature to keep it from dropping more foul magic on the group. The demoness teleported to the hallway outside of the greatroom and set after Varian, Kilgrim and the Shield Construct. Lenara heard the commotion and hurled magic blasts into the snake demon. Lia kept blasting at the huge demon in the room as Hildago did his best to heal her and Mordecai as they were both grievously wounded. The Wolf headed demon in the room was busy sowing confusion and darkness. Varian cast moon beam on the demon and switched forms to get around the demoness trying to hack him down and filling the door. Deep magical darkness settled on Dezirae, the Monk, Kosef, and Hildago. The demoness who could not enter the room with Kosef still in sight set upon Lenara. The demons tail wrapped around her leaving her defenseless as the flashing blades descended cleaving the life from her body. (Full adventure to completed shortly)


Vepr Dezirae

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