Nine Skulls

Loose ends

1) Demonic incursion at the Barons keep. Endless war spilling into the material plane.

2) Beldor is preparing to fight the demon lord. (possibly tied into gate at Barons keep)

3) Group has agreed to speak to Malgma for Ignius.

4) Group has to decide if they will sign the agreement with the sisters before the fall festival.

5) Duke and Duchess visiting Featherstone for fall festival. (2 months)

6) Wayrith the bandit lord is missing. Group only finds an empty wagon after Rill takes over.

7) The Baron has offered Kosef title and land around Breda if he will take back the city.

8) Ursula Dreamglitter through Sundercrags council has offered the group a job.

9) Brewing conflict between Nineskulls and the Elven and Beast kingdoms.

10) The Pashas daughter still seeks to put and end to Krios and anyone close to him.

11) Mordecai has been banished from Dragon fall by the Baron.

12) The commander of the fort has asked the group to speak with the Fey that have been harrying his men and the loggers.

13.) Sundercrag college of magic supplies wagon.

Taint of they Abyss at Grayclaw castle
Fiends are deadly foes

The illusion the fiends were hiding behind disappeared exposing a snake bodied demoness wielding 6 cruel blades and an enormous wolf headed demon with 4 arms, two of which ended in enormous and deadly pincers. One of the creatures smaller arms wielded a possessed demonic blade that seemed to have a life of its own. The wall of force disappeared and the demoness seemed to take on a new level of frenzy as some spell hastened her movement and attacks. Krios convinced Justicar to go after the demons instead of trying to end Deragor. After Kosef drove the deadly multi armed snake bodied demon from the room after it nearly killed Lia and Hildalgo he disarmed the blade from the huge red demon as it continued to go batter Mordecai taking him to the edge of death twice. A new foe revealed herself and attacked from the shadows. A monk from the Hand of Discord set upon Dezirae sending her reeling under hammering blows. The soldiers in room continued to batter at the huge fiend doing what they could with common weapons. Krios lifted his voice on high and brought forth a battle song that made the weapons of all involved glow. Garrett made for the foul caster on the balcony above that had escaped detection before. A devastating blast of cold spread across the room from the balcony dropping Mordecai and killing over half a dozen unfortunate soldiers caught in its frigid blast. Garret finally made it to the demonic caster and engaged the creature to keep it from dropping more foul magic on the group. The demoness teleported to the hallway outside of the greatroom and set after Varian, Kilgrim and the Shield Construct. Lenara heard the commotion and hurled magic blasts into the snake demon. Lia kept blasting at the huge demon in the room as Hildago did his best to heal her and Mordecai as they were both grievously wounded. The Wolf headed demon in the room was busy sowing confusion and darkness. Varian cast moon beam on the demon and switched forms to get around the demoness trying to hack him down and filling the door. Deep magical darkness settled on Dezirae, the Monk, Kosef, and Hildago. The demoness who could not enter the room with Kosef still in sight set upon Lenara. The demons tail wrapped around her leaving her defenseless as the flashing blades descended cleaving the life from her body. (Full adventure to completed shortly)

Treachery at Grayclaw Keep

After dispatching the foul demonic mimic impersonating the Baron the group interrogated the assassin sent by the Sleepless Knights. Speaking to leader of the order through the amulet a deal was struck and the mans life was ended due to secrets he held and his failure. The Sleepless Knights have taken their eye off the party as a target for elimination to maintain the order.

The group made for the Barons keep in hast and found a chilly reception. Deragor went out of his way to provoke Jescain. Tired of the banter Lia cast a hold spell on the young noble and his his guardian. The room erupted into chaos as the nobles guards prepared to attack. One of the guests revealed a demonic secret and a wall of force blocked half of the party outside of the hall. Mordecai bound Deragor as everyones attention turned to the creature and another hidden demon attacked nearly killing Lia. As the battle raged one of the demons attacked Hildago nearly killing the cleric outright before he was saved by a healing word from Garret. Bellithex was felled on the table and Kosef set upon the demon striking fear into its black heart…

Adventures of the Saviors of Dragonfall



Garret is delivering a message from the Druid Council for Varian. The council has been hearing disturbing news from the Sulfur Swamp and head end of the Yellow River at Umber Springs. Loggers and teamsters and camp support have been disappearing and the flow of the important Blue Cypress from the area has been slowing down.

The group tried to trade with a caravan from the Kiln Sea. The daughter of Pasha Otaluukk, Nadira is part Djinn. She is angered that group found out she was more than a mere mortal woman. She left an ungent of mirroring on Krios that was ruined when the group triggered a trap.

The group triggered a null magic trap and was ambushed by 8 orcs including a leader and a potion induced berserker. The group retrieved hide armor +1, a great club +1, and 2 potions that drive the user to fury by pain. The user gets advantage vs Will and Fort saves and disadvantage on Wis or Int. DR and causes Recklessness (Advantage for Disadvantage). The imbiber has to roll a Wis save at disadvantage to stop attacking even if there is no enemy about for the duration of the potion. At the end of every turn for 2d4 turns the user takes d4 damage from the potion.

The group is headed towards the ruins of Harlorast. Harlorast is the city state that fought Breida and ended up destroyed just like Breida. While Breida became a blasted wasted land Harlorast became a burnt desolate area that forever smolders and smells of smoke. The area is an ash waste with very few sources of food and little in the way of water. Much of the city still stands like Breida, a testament to both cities foolishness.


The group was set upon by the last 3 fingers of the cabal. The sudden ambush almost dispatched Hildago and quickly a third of the party was in dire straights. After a brutal battle and intervention by Varian the tide was turned. They dispatched the assassin on location but the mage and anti-paladin quickly departed for Corelock by use of a necklace that recalled them to their base of operation. Kosef pursued them with the assassins necklace and dispatched the gravely wounded remaining fingers in front of the leader of the Sleepless Knights. Kosef was given a choice to join the Sleepless Knights and help them further their goals of balance out of Chaos in Varlune. The terms of never being able to leave the group was to much, Kosef refused and was sentenced to die. The group was helped by Aesus by way of a herd of pegasus to make their way quickly back north for possible help from the only mage they knew that was powerful enough to save Kosef. The cost of help from Aesus was a promise to finally clear Ash Lake of the Queen that resides there. Beldor was able to pull Kosef away from the clutches of the Sleepless Knights with an understand that sometime soon he would call upon them to help in his battle against a powerful foe.


The group stayed in Featherstone to rest and recuperate before setting off to complete their promise to Aesus. The group notices that they are being watched by birds of prey. The Krios, Hildago, and Lia ran afoul of the barons nephew Deragor and his friend Belithex. After getting a sound thrashing from the trio Deragor vows revenge as he is arrested by Decovain. Mordecai, Kosef, and Varian go to meet the baron and come to an understanding with him about both sides aims and goals. The group will help the baron with taming the area around Lampblack mountain under the command of Drewmand the watch commander. The barons longterm goals are unfortunately in direct conflict with the druidic council. Dezirae contracted some special work from Lyndolyn and mysterious changes have come over both Krios and Garrett as one unlocks something from his past and the other unlocks something within himself. Lenara has also found herself on a new path with a higher calling. The group meets up with Giles and Pike again and Giles points them to the three ancient and wily sisters that live on the outskirts of Ash Lake. The group departs and heads down the fang on a ferry. They make for shore a day ahead of schedule to follow the path of a possible demonic entity that appears to come from the ruins of a barge that might have been owned by the sleepless knights.


The group searched for the foul denizen but could not find it. Varian stayed to see if he could see what the monster was up to while the rest of the group continued to Ash Lake. The group followed wagon tracks towards Ash Lake and finally caught up with a group of human smugglers delivering kidnapped people to the Queen. A quick and violent battle ensued leaving all others but the sorceress and one henchmen dead. Their crazed leader sacrificed himself in a desperate attempt to take the group with him in a burst of fire and jagged chunks of red hot metal. The group quickly discovered a group of drugged captives with only one in a semi lucid state casting an illusion to try and scare off her captors. Hildago was able to make a draught that counteracted the drugged liquor the next day with profuse thanks the captives were sent back on their way to Fort Hager The group decided to pretend to be the slavers so that they could get in close as possible to Cindertown. The group found the sisters and after bartering a magic staff and some rare goods the sisters told them the true nature of the Queen and warned them of possible dangers. Gorger and his crew of ghouls. Arbilect and his patrol of wights, and Beldrana the Banshee. They also warned them of keeping special candles burning to ward away the lesser dead at night. They also advised that their might be secret tunnels from Cindertown to he Queens castle. After setting back out into the surreal landscape of ever burning trees and ash the group was set upon by a graveyard come alive. Lenara was nearly consumed by the grotesque monstrosity before Kosef called upon his inner strength and smote the foul undead with radiant power. Lenara was hurled at Kosef but in a twisting feat of acrobatics avoided Helped by a final blow from Garrett the disgusting creation fell apart in a smoking gout of diseased ichor. The group set off again and found themselves paced by a group of ghouls…


The group was confronted by a strange apparition that gave them an invitation at the behest of the queen to meet her at her castle. After tracking through more ash wastes with bitter dry winds and the smell of smoke constantly 0n the air the group made it to the city gates of Ash Lake as they were pondering the gate and walls with suspicion they were set upon by a horned devil, Ilolobranilhath. Kosef was the initial target but the devil attacked the entire group. Seeing an opportunity Gorger the ghast and his crew of ghouls set upon the group. Varian who had been tracking the flight of the devil made it to the group. After a pitched battle the group was able to destroy the corporal form of the devil in a gout of flame and oily smoke. Unfortunately the groups wagon was turned to splinters and their disguise as slave traders was ruined by the devils attack.


Cloaked in a constant pall of swirling choking smoke the group came up on the central ruins of Cinder Town. Eerily lit by fire and burning embers the group took shelter in the remains of a building. The ghostly echo of hoof beats alerted the group to the presence of Arbilect and his patrol of Wights. Mordeci strode to the forefront and challenged the Arbilect to single combat. Unable to turn down the challenge in front of his followers Arbilect accepted and was soundly bested by Mordeci and ended up asking for quarter and sending the Wights off to verify if the queen had indeed invited the mortals into her abode. The group again took refuge in the decrypt building when they heard a blood chilling cry announcing the arrival of Beldrana the Banshee. The group shook off the effects of her wail and set upon the ghastly apparition. The building heaved and shook spooking the horses and the floor bulged and then erupted bringing the arrival of another grave yard come alive. The group set upon the creature finally destroying it in a pitched battle among the buildings wreakage strewn cellar. The group was confronted by the saddened ghost of a child who lived in the home that was destroyed. Unable to remember her name she guided them to a secret kept by her father. Only Krios was able to play the correct notes to open the door into the secret tunnels leading to the castle. Unable to find Lia and Varian who had been scattered by the banshees wail the group decided against accepting the queens invitation or going at the castle by traditional means and took to the tunnels.


Unbeknown to the group Lia and Varian were captured by the Wights and imprisoned in the queens dungeon. In the tunnels the ghost informed the group that she could not rest, the queen had taken her to punish her father for some reason. The group came to an iron golem door that that was soothed by the same music Krios had used to open their way. The group found a room with rare dwarven spirits and a history of the realm. The group stumbled into two constructs that appeared to be piles of rubble and fight ensued that severely wounded Garret and Mordeci before the bone golems were turned to splinters of bone wood and metal. The group next found themselves at a stone sarcophagus that turned out to be hidden entrance to a tunnel and a trap. Hildago managed to lodge himself in the small tunnel but added by Desirae was able to come crashing down the tunnel. Chester could not fit and stayed behind with Linara to protect the escape route if needed.


After getting passed the slippery surprise and the ballista bolts whose bonds were loosened by the oil the group found themselves in ancient dwarven tunnels with doors noting Forge Mountain to the North (Lampblack), Sundercraig to the south, Breda to the East and a long fallen Elven kingdom to the west. The group found a barred door that was badly battered and what appeared to be the remains a recently deceased dwarf. After opening the doors the group was quickly set upon by two found beasts of chaos. The foul creatures spoke untruths and spun illusions confusing Kosef. Under the creatures spell Kosef tried to defend them as Mordeci struggled with him. Hildago using the rare dwarven spirits set one of the beasts and the door on fire. Kosef and Mordeci struggling with each other tumbled into the other and both failed to ward off the foul creatures dire effects. Both started to turn as the rest of the group desperately tried to kill the remaining beast before the quick moving effects consumed them both and turned them into chaos spawn themselves. Destroying the creature just in time Mordeci and Kosef were able to ward off the magic. Delving further into the tunnels the group came across a new addition to the tunnels that turned north towards queen Phaedras domain. The group came upon a group of Druegar trying to open a sarcophagus. Using a bit of illusion Krios was able to get them to waste a devastating spell and Hildago unleashed another flask of dwarven brew setting two of the hapless tomb thieves on fire. The surprised group of Druegar were no match for the group as two of their number cooked to the death and the others dispatched with ease.


The group made their way to a rope leading up to another level. Garrett started the long trek up the rope when something extremely powerful started pulling the rope up. The rest of the group dropped off but Garrett rode the rope up to find himself confronted with a hideous jailer whose misshapen body the dungeons main room. Garrett turned into a dodging blur as the dull witted creature attacked. The rest of the group scrambled up the rope to help their comrade as Varian and Lia were alerted to battle outside their cell doors. Both had been waiting for the right moment to make their escape and Varian turned into a bear to batter his door and Lia blasted her door with arcane energies. The group fought the raging monstrosity finally brining it down. Their was also a caged vampire spawn that the group was able to garner some information from. The group made their way up into the long abandoned kitchens of the keep where they were set upon by Mr Pinches a giant crawling hand that spewed noxious gouts of pus. Kosef was able to discover the bones of a child in a barrel. The group cautiously made their way towards the court yard. after entering into the shadowy confines of the halls leading into the court yard they group was ambushed by 2 vampire spawn and gargoyles.


The DM failed his Fortitude save vs disease.


As the group delved further into the lost queens ruins they were set upon by two of her minions covered in a black paste to protect them from the volatile nature of their weapons. Kosef locked one of the creatures in place with steely gaze the other servant of the queen attacked Hildago with a gout of flame. This attack set off the volatile liquid in Hildagos wineskin setting off a conflagration that threatened to consume the cleric and his attacker. Hildago was only saved by the intervention of his God calling down a powerful heal to save his life. The vampire spawn was not as lucky and turned to ash in the raging inferno. The group tracked into an open courtyard where they were quickly ambushed by 3 gargoyles including the queens icy champion. As the group battled the stony foes the queen made her presence known locking Mordecai in her hypnotic stare she turned the brave warrior against his comrades. Krios set about bolstering his companions and found himself in a performance against a vampiric bard. Desirae helped break the influence holding Mordecai as the battled raged back and forth. Kosef attacked the queens bard shattering her magical instrument into shards and sending both of the combatants sprawling in the magical explosion.


The battle raged on as the group slowly but surely wore down the queens minions but the group was also being battered and it would seem the groups survival was in question. The brazers int he courtyard came to life in gouts of flame setting up a chocking smoke making it difficult to fight. The queen lashed out felling Garret and Krios. Garret was brought back to his feet only to fall under the queens sway as Hildago dropped beside Mordecai. Even thought the queen was powered by dark necrotic healing she was slowly being worn down by the barrage of spells, projectiles, cuts and hammering blows of those around her. The party members closest to the queens statue found themselves beset by a vampire vine trying to ensnare them and drain away their life. Finally the dark queen succumbed to desperate attacks of the remaining party and cried out as she turned to mist that snaked towards her hidden chambers. Desperate to be done with the foul creature the group set about finding her. Her minions on patrol in the country side had returned and the wights were battering at the magical doors to the courtyard to get in, drawn by their queens dark commands.


After discovering a puzzle with the brazers that nearly opened a portal to the 9 hells, the group fought off the devilish bugs that came through and sealed off the traps while opening the way to the queens hidden chambers. After the group found her chamber they were quickly drawn into battle with a construct and spells laid to trap them. Wreathing black tentacles battered them as the construct tried to destroy them. Desirae quickly discerned the puzzle of how to open the stone sarcophagus using the elaborate candelabras and the group made a quick end to the dark queen in a burst of ash, dark flame and the howls of the dying vampire. As the group searched for treasure in the keep they found three of the queens human slaves and agreed to take them back to civilization. The queens other followers agreed to ride northeast away from the land or be destroyed if they came back. The group found they could command the construct with a necklace the queen wore and open her chest of treasures with her bracelet. The group laid the child to rest in Cinder town which released a magic flute hidden in the cellar walls. The group made their way back to the sisters home on the outskirts and already noticed a difference as phantasmal fires no longer burned and ash no longer choked the air. The sisters gleefully accepted the crown the group had agreed to get them and offered the group their own area to the north between their new country and that of the elves and newly released beast tribes.


The group made their way back to Featherstone and found themselves in the midst of a spring festival with the group being held in special honor for all they had done. Desirae’s special Varda she had ordered was complete with some special additions from the gracious towns folk and other influential people of the area. During the festival the group was invited to a special dinner from a trade caravan from the south. Unfortunately the trade caravan also included agents of the Pashas daughter still upset with the group. After being poisoned along with other guests the group was set upon by assassins. The grand tent was set ablaze in the ensuing battle and panic spread. Some of the assassins lived and were added to the list of hangings including that of Wayrith the Bandit King. The group laid claim to some items inside the caravan including a crystal ball. Garrett has strange visions calling him to go to Lampblack Mountain.


Lia requested tutelage under Beldor the Mad. Beldor challenged her to find a way to save the bandits Peg and Rill from hanging along with Wayrith without using spells. During this time Krios met a half orc named Gelba at a drinking contest and fellow Bard Niixxiis with a special lute. The group found out that there were unaccounted for members of the caravan that tried to attack them and that no one had seen the blacksmith in some time. The group made their way to investigate the blacksmith first and discovered signs that the caravan assassins were inside performing some sort of ritual. As the group attacked the sorcerer inside finished summoning an Efreeti. Battle quickly ensued as the Efreeti created walls of fire and summoned a Fire Elemental. The assassins inside the building quickly found themselves over-matched as the group methodically brought them down. Outside Kosef and Mordecai struggled with a half orc armed with dangerous wrist blades and the raging elemental and its exultant master. As the group slowly gained advantage the Efreeti vowed vengeance and left the battle leaving behind its magical chain. This left the fire elemental without control and it quickly started setting a nearby home on fire. After dispatching the last of the caravan assassins the group finally sent the elemental back to the fire plain from which it came.


After getting some rest from the previous nights events the group was approached by Ursula Dreamglitter with an offer of work clearing up some issue in the city of Sundercrag. They group was also approached with an offer to join the new founding of the Vanlore Knights by Caedway son of the last captain of the Vanlore Knights. The group talked the Baron out of hanging Peg and Rill and agreed to clear Breda for the Baron but under stern warning that their life was forfeit if they escaped from the group. The Baron offered Breda to the group and the land east all the way to the fang if the relinquished their claim on the lands north of the Ash Waste. He also made it known he was not happy about what was going on in the east and considered that territory to be designated for the crown in the near future. The following day the hanging did not go off as planned as it appeared that Rill killed the Baron with some sort of channeled spell. The area erupted into chaos as the crowd ran for their lives as spells and arrows started to fly. Kosef was dropped by a powerful staff used by a barbarian shaman. Lia was showered with baleful magic and arrows dropping her to the ground.


Festival of Explosions and Liberty


The Gods of forced labor waylay the DM


The party struggled to engage the separate threats as they were facing powerful casters on one side and a deadly bowman on the other. Lynara was hurling spells into the fight when she found herself spitted on a sword as a rogue tried to end her life in the chaos. A pillar of fire bloomed near the gallows adding to the confusion and panic and Varian joined the fight only to find himself webbed by a well placed magical arrow. The Shaman and Wizard stepped through a magical door leaving only their illusions behind and appearing next to the pillar of fire. Krios enthralled the caster with a hypnotic pattern but the Shaman fought on. Deserai, Thainarv, and Seton had helped drop the archer but due to healing from an unknown source he was able to come back and shoot Mordecai in the side with a hideous arrow that started to work its way into his body. The group converged on the retreating foes and the Shaman reached out a hand casting a devastating spell into Mordecai that brought him to the brink of death. The foul trio walked into the brightly burning pillar of flame dragging the hypnotized caster and disappeared as the illusionary flames fell away and a circle of teleportation was left as the only evidence. The Baron appeared to recovery as did Rill, their deaths an apparent part of the illusion. Wayrith was also missing, he looked to be hung as the trouble started but only an empty noose was left behind. The group quickly captured the assassin that had tried to end Lynara but before they could interrogate him he went missing and the jailer was found dead. Hildago used his close connection to raise the man and he informed the group that one of the Barons own personal guard killed him. The group used the crystal ball to look for the rogue and found him under the Barons wagon heading back to his keep. The group went to Jescain with the news and they quickly went in pursuit. The group caught the Barons wagon train as night fell and the group was surprised to find things were not as they seemed with the Baron or all of his men. The Baron turned into something otherworldly and turned on his own men. The assassin was quickly set upon by the group and is badly wounded. Shadowy demons are attacking the group from the trees and the Barons men fight amongst themselves in the Chaos. Varian summoned panthers to the groups aid and Hildago turned the Barons ballista again whatever had been mimicking the Baron.

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