Kosef Starag

LN, Human, Paladin (Duellist; Vengeance), Noble (Knight)


Ideals. My people are all that matter.

Behaviour. Lacking sympathy.
Personality Traits. My favour, once lost, is lost forever. If you do me an injury, I will crush you, ruin your name, and salt your fields.
Bonds. I come from a noble family and one day I will reclaim my lands and title.
Flaws. I too often hear veiled insults and threats in every word addressed to me. And I’m quick to anger.
Kosef is a noble who has traced and followed his bloodline back to Briganhurst. Long years ago a direct ancestor, Tarmigan, sailed to distant (Keldor) one of many immigrant knights invited to settle there by a lord of that far away place. Tarmigan’s descendants are lesser (Keldoran) nobility. Kosef’s family has lost much financially and politically in recent years. Unable to regain what was lost he left the family behind and traveled toward the ancestral homeland. Along the way he fell in with the present company. Briganhurst is part of the kingdom now and Kosef is attempting to serve its leaders, aid their allies, and improve upon the situation he has back in (Keldor). One day, if successful here, he plans to bring some of the family across to settle down.

He has spent the entire journey thus far in the company of the (Keldoran) gypsy, Dezirae. Rarely seen, Kosef has the service of three retainers loyal to his family who also made the crossing: Shishkin (housekeeper/tailor/body servant), Nusian (Shishkin’s son who reads and writes for Kosef), and Vorost (roguish middleman/bearer/jack-of-all-trades who is built like a bear).

It should be noted Kosef is average in his faith. He is not a holy paladin in service to a god, church, or such. His power apparently comes from within.

Also of note. Kosef has almost zero interest in anyone who is not “one of his people.” Usually this means a (Keldoran) or Briganhurster. And normally human too. He has made exceptions. Long term companions are sometimes counted alongside his people. Among the other PCs he is closest by far to Dezirae. He initially looked on Mordecai as a distant ally (human and from a different region back in Keldor). Nowadays he treats Mordecai as second to Dezirae of all the PCs but they are still largely strangers to one another. Not saying much as Kosef is not the easiest person to get to know. By and large all of the others began as complete outsiders (part-humans, non-humans, perhaps not even part of the kingdom at all). Gradually, in one way or another, he has grown attached to each of them. There is still considerable distance between Kosef and Hildago for obvious reasons – but despite that he has come to think of the dragonman as one of his own, barely. Presently he would say none of the PCs are mere allies. They are all something more than that. And yet the day may come when Kosef has to choose between these adventurers and his greater loyalties. It would not require a fortune teller to see what would happen next.
Physical Appearance and Look. Born over fifty years ago, he is of primarily ancestral Briganhurst descent but with a bit of (Keldoran) mixed in. To this day many of the immigrants maintain an ethnic community in (Keldor). Fair-skinned, dark-eyed, dark hair gone prematurely grey. Medium size, build, and height. Kosef has been described as sharp and wiry. Unblinking. The man looks as if he works too long and eats too little or too poorly. He is critical of everyone and everything and that shows in his dress and manner. Kosef often wears a sleeveless leather vest over his hooded robe; and two rings, one being his signet.


Proficiencies. Insight, Intimidation, History, Persuasion, and Chess.

Kosef Starag

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