Dezirae Ro'Sani

NG, Human, Rogue (Arcane Trickster), Gypsy


Personality Traits: A natural wanderer, as all of her people, she is on this mission to find a new home for her people due to the unrest in her native homeland.
Ideals: All people should be free to be who, and what, they are, as long as they allow the same for others.
Bonds: Kosef is her tie to both this new land they have come to and her homeland, therefore his well-being is very important to her.
Flaws: The stars at her birth hinted at great things for her, so she is convinced that she has a great destiny and does not see a chance for failure.

Physical Appearance: Dezirae is a young, lithe, woman with dusky skin and gray-green eyes. Her long, red-black, wavy hair is intermixed with small braids, with cloth or beads woven in, and is sometimes covered by one of several of her scarves.

She wears many different layers of clothing that seem to change daily, but basically consists of an ivory peasant blouse with long sleeves, covered by leather bracers on her forearms and a leather vest/corset on her torso. A long, many-layered skirt of various colors, which has slits to allow freedom of movement, over leather pants and thigh-high leather boots with a slight heel. Around her waist is a large, spangled, belt with several hard-to-see pockets and holders for her weapons.

She wears many scarves of various sizes and colors on her person at any one time (she has a total of seven).

She’s usually wearing four necklaces (one of which now has the Duchess’ coin, the other is the Shield Guardian’s Amulet), two bracelets (on her right wrist) and the Vampire Queen’s bracelet on her left wrist, dangling earrings, and five rings, two on her left hand and three on her right.

Her clan allied themselves with Kosef and his compatriots during the conflicts in their homeland. Because of this her people are now being prosecuted by the ruling factions, so when he decided to make this trek to find his family a new home, she accompanied him to see if it would be a good place for her people as well.


Proficiencies: Slight of Hand, Arcana, History, Medicine, & Performance, plus Expertise in Stealth, Acrobatics, Thief’s Tools, and Investigation (x2)

Dezirae Ro'Sani

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